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This Week in Travel

Apr 30, 2021

SPECIAL GUEST: Xiomara Rodriguez
Director of Marketing & Communications at
Xiomara Rodriguez talks about Puerto Rico’s recent history and current availability as a tourist destination 
Puerto Rica after 2017 Hurricane Maria
Infrastructure is back to normal. Tourism and hospitality took advantage of the time after Maria and remodeled and refreshed their properties and attractions. 
Puerto Rico during the Pandemic
The tourism industry was hit really hard, but was also one of the first US territories to take stringent measures and went into lockdown quickly.
Puerto Rico today. 
People can visit Puerto Rico now. They’ve seen a recent increase in tourists coming to the island. Every passenger needs to bring in negative Covid results within 72 hours prior to arrival and a travel declaration form where they upload the results. 
Travel tips of the week:
Gary – Bacardi rum factory tour
Jen –
Xiomara – Bomba drums - Louisa in northern part of San Juan is a great place to hear them. There are also Bomba tours. 
Vaca Negra farm. You can make your own cheese.
Coffee plantation:
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