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This Week in Travel

Mar 19, 2021

This Week in Travel Leif Pettersen
SPECIAL GUEST Leif Pettersen:  
Leif Pettersen is a freelance writer, author, humorist, world traveler, and award-winning travel & tourism marketing professional from Minneapolis, Minn. He has traveled through 57 countries and lived in Spain, Romania and Italy. His latest book, THROWING UP: NOTES FROM 35 YEARS OF JUGGLING, is available on Amazon along with his travel memoir BACKPACKING WITH DRACULA.
Pettersen was a silver medalist at the 2014 International Jugglers' Association championships, loves chocolate, hates pickles, types with exactly four fingers, and can escape from a straitjacket. He has not vomited since 1993, making him a consummate travel journalist and excellent party guest.
This Week’s News:
P&O launches UK 'cruises to nowhere' for vaccinated passengers
Leif Pettersen talks about his new ebook, "The First (Failed) Travel Food Show
Destination Minnesota
Jen: Foodie scene in Minnesota. Winter patios, Fish Fry Fridays,
Gary: Favorite part- North Shore of Lake Superior. Drive to Duluth. Isle Royale National Park 
Picks of the week:
Gary – Clubhouse
Jen – Jet Blue Mint pods
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