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This Week in Travel

May 14, 2021

SPECIAL GUEST: Chris Christensen
Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler which is an award winning online travel podcast / blog that focuses primarily on travel destinations. He is also a co-host emeritus for This Week in Travel.
Chris talks about his recent trip to the Galapagos Islands with Quasar Expeditions.
See Chris and Gary’s photos of the Galapagos!
Photos on Amateur Traveler
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Gary: If you’re flying into Quito, move on quickly to Guayaquil on the coast or plan for some extra time there in Quito. It’s 9000 feet so you’ll want to acclimate.
Gary: Galapagos islands of North America Haida Gwaii an archipelago off British Columbia’s west coast, in Canada. Where the Alaskan panhandle ends. You’ll see the other type of sea lions up there. Very few people know about it or visit the UNESCO world heritage site on the island. SG̱ang Gwaay Llanagaay. The last place on earth where you can see original totem poles.  
Chris: Paso Robles, CA. The region has matured in my lifetime. 300 different wineries and a distillery trail. The Light Show - Sensorio. They have a field of lights that are driven by solar power. See Chris’s California blog to see pics of it. 
Jen: Sonora, CA. Columbia, Little Roots, Jamestown.
Starlink update:  up to 1500 satellites. Just partnered with Google. Expanding ground stations at the Google Data Centers. Australia, NZ, many countries in Europe. Third generation satellite launching soon. It will make it possible to use Starlink on ships. 
Travel tips of the week:
Gary –  Project Gutenberg is a collection of public domain books. Free. But my tip is the new site They take the PG titles and they format them so it’s properly formatted with cover art and colorized images. A proper ebook that you’d buy from Amazon but it’s totally free. Hundreds of titles of classic books.  
Jen – Locations: Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Tampa, San Diego, New York, London.
Chris: Black rapid wonder bundle. It has a tab on the back of your  iPhone and a loop through the charging port where you can attach a strap. 
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