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This Week in Travel

Jan 30, 2011

This week's guest is Sean O'Neill, senior editor at


This Week's News:


Social media and revolution: Egypt protests mimic those in Tunisia

Unsurprisingly, Woman Fails To Smuggle 44 iPhones Into Israel

TripAdvisor's 2011 Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels

Airport security officials brand three inch toy gun...

Jan 27, 2011

This week's guest is Pam Mandel of
Pam Mandel

This Week's News:

    * No U.S. airline fatalities in 2010
    * Pirates take record 1,181 hostages in 2010
    * Report: Cruise ship blasted pirates with sonic weapon
    * Monk caught with nun's skeleton at airport
    * Spanish Judge Nixes 'Unfair'...

Jan 7, 2011

This week's guest is Sean Keener of

This Week's Stories

    * Spilled Coffee Caused United Plane To Divert
    * Hijacker Overpowered on Norway-Turkey Flight
    * Four Planes At JFK Have Long Waits On Tarmac
    * Man boards plane at IAH with loaded gun in carry-on
    * Al Qaeda threat involving hotels...

Jan 3, 2011

This week's guest is Johnny Jet from

This Year's Predictions

  • Gary - 1) Google will keep moving into travel, as will Apple, 2) TSA will pull back, 3) Big year for travel bloggers
  • Chris - 1) American will come back to Expedia and Orbitz, 2) Liquids ban will go away, 3) Will still make big cruise...