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This Week in Travel

Dec 30, 2009

US security tightened after failed terror plot

'Keep Your Hands Where We Can See Them,' Demands New TSA Flight Rules 

Full text of my subpoena from the Department of Homeland Security

TSA plays hardball with airline blogger over security directive


Dec 16, 2009

Guests: Pam Mandel ( and Jessica Spiegel (

Passports With Purpose

City Center Las Vegas Opens

Southwest gains market share by not charging for checked bags

Anti-germ devices...

Dec 9, 2009

TSA can't redact documents properly, releases s00per s33kr1t operations manual

AirBus near disaster

Does Spirit Airlines's new fare sale ad poke fun at...

Dec 2, 2009

    * Man Tracks Down And Gets Prosecuted Baggage Handler Who Stole His Camera, Delta Still Won't Refund

    * UPDATE: Delta Finally Refunds Man Who Tracked Down And Got Prosecuted...