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This Week in Travel

Dec 12, 2010

This Week's Guest:

Kim Mance of TBEX and

Jodi Ettenberg of

Worst Moments in Travel

  1. Enhanced Pat Downs
  2. Ryanair takes people to wrong island….and leaves them there
  3. Spirit Air's "Oil on our Beaches Sale"
  4. Disguised Passenger Boards Plane, Changes Face
  5. American Airline's 'Your Choice' Seating
  6. Steven Slater, JetBlue
  7. Standup Seating
  8. Ryanair's Pay-Per-Pee Toilets Scheme
  9. Spirit's Pilot Strike Communication
  10. British Airways Accidentally Terrifies Passengers
  11. Spirit's Carry-on Bag Fee Is Good For You!
  12. Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull

Picks of the Week

  • Gary -
  • Chris - Friendly iPad App
  • Kim - Hulu Plus
  • Jodi - Safety whistle